The Throne of Bones. Rowan Tempest
He arose from nowhere with the power to change it all, and put an end to it all. The enthralling adventures that led to the Throne of Bones are centred around Minto; the half-breed son of misfortune- who through losing his family and home to the wrath of a dragon, decides to embark on a fate-altering journey of self-discovery and vengeance against their species, and dominion over all that they hold precious or break the world trying. There are surprising and dangerous secrets he discovers about himself as he stumbles across a multitude of complications alongside a cast of supporting followers and dear friends he met and fell in love with under different and unique circumstances each. And with every step closer he gets to his initial goal of becoming the most powerful across the lands, his path leads him to face powerful enemies each stronger than the last that stand between him and the throne he seeks, but his determination is unshakable, and with his own team supporting him he charges forward toward his goal, never daring to look back. Tag along through the grand world of Titon and follow his tale to it's completion and see for yourself if Minto will succeed in his endeavors!