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They all woke up to a new world filled with the dead walking around their world, "The apocalypse has just landed in this world of s**t," said Nick as he looks around in total dismay.

Nick on his way to survivor found a pendant that made him immune to the zombies' bite and made him powerful to resist the human enemies that stand in his way, "You got no s**t on me," said Nick to Curtis as he attempts leaving the soldiers' camp.

Some s**ts became weird as Nick came across talking, running, and fighting zombies, "What in the hell is going on!" Nick exclaimed as he looks around the deserted city filled with zombies of different kinds.

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Knocking out Curtis, Nick cuffed him to the iron shelves inside the cabin, “What are you doing?” Judy asked. “If I must beat the Mummy and James, I must study their work well,” said Nick. “We already have enough trouble already. We shouldn’t add more to it,” said Jenny. “This is not trouble but a solution,” said Nick as he carried Helen’s corpse……