The World of a Fantasy

The World of a Fantasy


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Today was 'his' birthday. John Smith's birthday and the 'day' that he forcibly becomes a man. He felt like he was riding on a rollercoaster. Happily celebrating his birthday with his parents and making a trip out to buy his most desired gaming pod. And once that 'happiness' had reached the top of the rollercoaster, it fell quicker than anything. Down into the darkest depth of his very existence. They got into an accident.

However, his darkest night did not end without hope. After his parents' death, he had awakened his latent ability. The power to dream of the future. His supernatural power allowed him to see into the future. This was the dividing point of existence for him. Will he ever be able to fix on the 'original' timeline or will his influence cost him his own future? Read now, as he experiences the impact of his emerging talent and the emerging different future.

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Chapter Ninety-One

Chapter Ninety-One: Nifty Reunion It Is

It has been thirty minutes since Extremity set up camp here and there was no progress with his aunt and uncles. The three had specifically said that they would be here under half an hour through the group chat. However, there was no progress within the group chat. The three must have been quit……