Beyond the Walls

Beyond the Walls


Charles Mason Suspense/Thriller

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#1 in Escaping/Thriller Contest 2021-2022

"Do wish to save your sister?"

Desperate, Lucas was left with no other choice but to sign away an unknown agreement with his shaking hand.

"I signed it. Don’t forget my sister’s…"


Even before the ink dries, he was knocked unconscious.


Waking up an angelic voice spits out demonic words:

[Welcome to the Beyond the Walls Games!]

He found himself in the middle of a game. A game of life and death.

[May you survive the apocalypse once again.]

Everything had happened so fast that the next thing he knew, he was running with all his might, as the horrifying screams, bloodbath and inhumane sounds followed him closely behind!

He remembers the voice's parting words.

"Of course, we won’t…As long as you return back alive."


Tags: murderdarkkidnapzombiegeniusloserapocalypsecrimehorrorweak to strong
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Nightmare of the Walls (2)

"AH!!!! Hah! Hah! Hah”A lack of air made Lucas wake up, Gasping for air he clenched his chest while eyes were shut.


He rolled to the floor at shock. 

“Ugh!” He groaned.


An item rolled to his face and some items dropped to his back and side making him groan more.

A rough opening door sl……


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