Dragons Descend To Earth

Dragons Descend To Earth


1st Manga KING Fantasy

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A master who used to live his life with boredom died one day after being betrayed by his own brother. He was the strongest of the cultivation world. But fate didn’t let him go. He is then reincarnated in a world of dragons who looked like humans and went to schools just like humans did. They also practiced cultivation. Will he be able to reach the pinnacle of strength even here? Let’s see this amazing adventure.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationdominantbxgkickingmagical worldanother worldfaceslappingrebirth/reborndragonsweak to strongRebirth Fiction Writing Contest
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Phoenix Feather Confirmed

“The phoenix’s feathers...”


“Have been acquired!!!”

The moment he said that, all of them were shocked.

They could see the glass orb which he was holding inside of which a red coloured feather that seemed to have been surrounded with embers was visible.

Though he did say that he acquired feathers, but it w……