Virtual Reality : Dystopian Tales Online

Virtual Reality : Dystopian Tales Online


Janlou Mitsitsiyo Science Fiction

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Humanity reached the age of interstellar.

There are no wars, poverty, world hunger - humanity had reached the peak of comfort and stability. It is all thanks to years of technological advancement, development, and innovation that allowed humans to create miracles. It had come to the point where humans only needed to spend a thousand years roaming around the planets while waiting for natural death to come.

This is the perfect world everyone never thought of achieving.

Yet, there are always people that think such a perfect world means stagnation. No change means that humanity had found its end. No change means the death of life. There is no fun living in a world that will no longer create progress. Thus, I was thinking, how about giving humanity a new challenge?

It is mankind's last and greatest mission.

The path of ascending and becoming real gods.


Tags: adventureweredragonqueerbrilliantgeniusexpertgame playerhigh-tech worlddystopianMMORPG
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