The Lost Devil

The Lost Devil


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This is the story of Alex Rutherford. He was known by many names among his peers, 'Yama'[The God of Death] or 'Asura'[The Devil himself]. NO one dared to approach him. He was the god of killing, without any emotions.

Every life he took was just another assignment for him...
Every life he took was just one more number added to the count...
Every life he took was to reach a certain someone...

"Please spare me, I will give you as much money as you want". A man pleaded.
"Sorry but you have already paid me, by becoming my target," The young man said while fidgeting the dagger in his hand.

Splash... The dagger in the young man's hand, slit his target's neck. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

But what will happen, if he suddenly lost his memory?


Now he is adopted by a couple. He has a job, friends and a peaceful life. He does not remember anything about his past life.

"Alex, why are you at home on Sunday morning?" a woman asked Alex.

"What happened, mom?" Alex said while playing on the console.

"Get out of the house and find yourself a girlfriend".

"Why?" Alex asked lazily.

"If I don't see you bring a girl to introduce to us within a week, I swear I will...will... I will throw that stupid game of yours" the woman said, pointing towards the gaming console in front of her.

"Mom, where are my clothes?" Alex asked ready to find a girl.


Will he be able to continue living like this? Will he remember his past? If so, will he return to his old ways, or will he use his skills to help the people around him? What will happen when his past comes haunting him?


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