The Dream Shifter

The Dream Shifter


Nightmare_Weaver Fantasy

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What do you do when you lead a mundane daily life and one-day someone to kill you?
You who just used to be bullied now has to fight for his life.
Just a simple boy forced to accept new powers hidden inside of him.
To draw his sword and fight.
He must make a choice, fight, and protect those he loves or give up and lose his family.
Yuki must claim what is rightfully his and lead those that follow him
Watch as Yuki changes himself from a timid, weak-willed man to the confident domineering that can face the hordes of enemies that stand been him and his rightful throne
Join Yuki in his journey as he fights to protect those he loves.


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Chapter 321

Celebrations were meant to be a joyous occasion, so she wished to believe. It was something to be proud of and share with others. Something to gather friends. This was nothing like what she thought. It was hardly a celebration. It was a lie painted over with a pretty face, a happy face. All of it was fake. The reek of emptiness was thick enough ……