Era Of Transdon

Era Of Transdon


Scoco Fantasy

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In the era of transdon, a mighty being known as the world ender manifest out of nowhere and began to engulf all worlds in destruction from time to time.

No being in the whole of the starry sky could stop the world ender, however, there was always this prophecy about a great hero which will rise from being nothing and save the world from the world ender who will engulf everything in existence whenever it appears.

People in the vast starry skies will always wonder just who the hell was This hero.

This is the story of bash, a boy who is a fourteen years old high school kid living a regular life.

The boy whose faith was twisted when a mysterious presence bolted from the blue and abducted him.

The boy who got thrown into a vast world where only the powerful, who possess unimaginable power to do incredible things like toppling mountains, destroying planets, cleaving through space and time, and even having the ability to live perpetually could survive in.

I want to become stronger

I want to go back home.

All this wear his thoughts when bash was forced to face adversary after adversary and underwent untold hardship but not once did he lose hope in his survival. Instead, bash set his mind in chaining his faith

Join bash in his journey in becoming the prophesied hero who will vanquish the world ender.


Tags: adventurestudentbxgseriousmysterygeniusmultiversesupernature earthspecial abilitystubborn
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The two yelled at the same time as they began to tap into the power of their bloodlines at the same time, in asynchrony.

The black-red phantom of the unknown creature with tentacles appeared behind bash and beside him, the flame and thunder phantom of the ancient creature in a war armor emerged behind the riln……


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