Necromancy In Prehistoric Era

Necromancy In Prehistoric Era


1st Manga KING Fantasy

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"Get up and great your boss!”

A huge black smoke covered a giant reptile that was dead and was lying in the large river.

The black smoke slowly rose up and took the form of the same reptile.


The reptile was staring at Kai who glared back at it. The reptile then suddenly bowed in front of him as if he was meeting his King.

“Good, another fine material in my collection.”, Kai grinned.

Join me in this amazing adventure where a boy somehow ends up in the prehistoric era and dominates it using the skills of Necromancy that he stumbled upon somehow!


Tags: time-travelsystembossgangstermysterygeniusmale leadsupernature earthkingdom buildingweak to strong
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'What the f***!?'

Kai opened his eyes only to find himself in a place that was completely unknown to him.

He raised his head and his body too and sat while looking here and there. He punched his cheeks and went as far as slapping himself continuously, but no, he understood that it was no dr……


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