I have new mission every day

I have new mission every day


I just want To eat Fantasy

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One day Ye Cang reincarnates with a wish system in the different World which is like a combination of the prehistoric era and cultivation world.

Fulfill the wish of demons from the demon world!!
Fulfill the wish of Cultivators from the Cultivation world!!

Earn wish points from the wish system by completing tasks.

Do you say there are limited tasks?

It does not exist for me!!

Brother gets tasks every day!!

There is only a shortage of time no shortage of tasks.

Complete the task earn points marry a Cold Sword fairy from the cultivation world or a wild fox Queen from Demon world !!


Tags: adventurereincarnation/transmigrationsystemcomedyhumorouslightheartedboldfaceslappingharemweak to strong
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Chapter 51: Xia Yao's Past

Yu Qingqing stared at Ye cang and said, "Ok come with me then."

Whatever although it sounded like a scolding, She knew Ye cang has good medical skills.

Maybe he saw something wrong with Xia Yao that's not impossible.

And he is the disciple of Ice peak so there is no problem taking him to Xia Yao.



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