1927: Redemption

1927: Redemption


Titan Suspense/Thriller

291 reads

Do secrets come out easily?

After the mysterious and sudden death of James Martinez, a young girl is thrown into the sea of promises and dark secrets, an unknown time where the danger trailed behind her. The time called ‘Roaring Twenties’, a decade of contrasts, when the empires were ruled by human’s conspiracy, betrayal, and hate.

With a task at hand, Adeline Martinez, a traveler, looking for a way back to her world, will she survive her twisted fate when there is a handsome beast involved and not to forget the danger that followed behind.

What will cross her path in the meantime? Hardship? Secrets? Crime? Betrayal? And perhaps…love?

All secrets become deep, all secrets become dark, let’s join the journey of Adeline’s secrets


Tags: adventuretime-traveltragedymysterystraightboldambitiouswerewolvesfemale leadrealistic earthESCAPING - Suspense/Thriller Writing Contest 1
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The seconds passed by, but she didn’t feel his arms circling her waist, pulling her in a protective embrace like he always did. Something felt wrong. He looked exactly the same, for a second she even registered the warmth in immeasurable depths of his forest greens.

Though looks could be deceiving, eyes could not.



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