Dance between Mortals and Immortals

Dance between Mortals and Immortals


JY Lewis Fantasy

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A dance of Mortals and Immortals. Factions war and a eternal conflict as old as the world rages and plots brew.
Minako Rize is born with eyes hated by others. Rejected by the world she will forge her own path in this world where mortals dance at the whims of gods and goddesses.
Events will follow that will shake the earth and heavens to their core..


Tags: darkdramabxgfemale leadsword-and-sorceryanother worldcoming of ageslow burnwarlonely
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Chapter 15.1

Two eyes blinked in the dark and they were covered by a mask. The figure hiding in the dark looked at the young blue-eyed girl with the white snake on her shoulder carefully, the eyes following her path quite closely.

"Oh my little Rize you are so adorable with your new pet" the petite voice nearly sang out loud "I can't wait……


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