After Earth Online: The Iron Warlock

After Earth Online: The Iron Warlock


Anone Lionheart Game

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Wars, Politics, Crime, s*x, Lies and Superpowers. everything wrong and fantastical about the real world raised to the power of 10 in After Earth Online.

it's a place where true heroes are born and the darkness hiding in the hearts of men can be exposed and allowed to roam free. it is this world that Leo has come to, to save his family.

"What do you think we should do about this man... this Iron Warlock? he is completely taken advantage of any profit that can be gained within After Earth Online. is there no way we can get rid of him?"

"The Iron Warlock is now the most extreme symbol of good and of evil within the game, not to mention those in the real world adore him and his character. After Earth Online has become what it is today by mostly his own effort. messing with him is suicide, whether in the game or out of it."

"Why must we be so scared of him, why! what can he possibly do to us!"

"I pray we never find out! he's a monster!"


Tags: darkbossstraightambitiousgame playerhigh-tech worldrealistic earthspecial abilityMMORPG
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Leo admittedly had no idea what was going on here, for a fact he knew that old Man Bon-Bon had an in with the Legate, after all they were the ones he first had to carry out a task for. But right now it seems Old Man Bon-Bon might be up to something in the shadows because he had to be honest with himself; what were the odds that the bloody crimin……


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