Making her own path

Making her own path


Inga Fantasy

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In a dystopian future, the werewolves have taken over ruling the world after the great war, followed by a vampire attack that nearly destroyed the world. Now, 200 years later, the vampires have been seen on the prowl again.

Aysha is the third princess of Creden, one of the four werewolf kingdoms around the world. Her father tells her that she, and her sisters, will be married to the three future alphas of the other three kingdoms to unify the kingdoms against the vampires.
The problem is that Aysha has never been much for all the rules and customs that come with being a princess and is really against the idea of an arranged marriage.

Rogue attacks, vampire war, betrayal, and finding her mate. Aysha’s life is about to take a drastic turn, and she must figure out where her loyalties lie.

#Royal Romance Writing Contest

*Authors note, 23.June.2021*
Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I have been offered a contract for my story, which will be written up in the next weeks. In the future they will put my story in PTR program, but I don't exactly know when since it's their call.
I will continue publishing five days a week for you to enjoy for free until then.


Tags: matekickass heroineindependentdramabxgwerewolvesroyalmagical worldsupernaturalspecial abilityStary Writing Academy II - Adventure NovelsRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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Her father's shockwave had sent her flying, and she landed on her back painfully and hit her head hard. Disoriented, Aysha could vaguely hear her father laughing at his newfound ability since her ears were ringing. The rain hit her face as she lay on the cold ground and tried her best not to lose consciousness or throw up from the searing pain i……


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