My Beloved Wolf

My Beloved Wolf


Sarah Skuld Romance

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The woman had said he needed me, but where is he? I feel an overwhelming sense of dread come over me and I quickly put my boots on and walk outside. Perhaps he’s in the outbuilding. I walk towards it, looking around the area as best I can. Thankfully, it’s a full moon, so there’s a bit of light.
“Anders?” I call, but he doesn’t respond. I walk around, looking for any sign when, behind our house, I see a small trail that’s recently been worn down. I follow it into the dark woods, looking around for him.
“Anders?” I call, going deeper into the woods. I come upon a large rock and notice something on it. As I get closer, I can see boots on the ground and, sitting on top of the rock, are clothes. I lift one of the shoes. These are his, I’m sure of it. Maybe there’s water nearby, and he’s decided to bathe, but why would he bathe outside in the middle of the night? He put a tub inside our home for that.
“Anders,” I call again, placing the boot back on the ground. The night air is biting, and he’s out here with no clothes on. My worry grows. Something is wrong, I’m certain, but I can't put my finger on it.
I walk a bit farther, and the path becomes less clear as I follow where it looks like only one has been before me, but I don’t see his footprints. I wouldn’t find footprints, though, since he doesn’t have his shoes on, I try to reason with myself. “Anders.”
I hear a crack of a branch behind me, and I turn quickly, looking for what caused it, but I don’t see anything at all. I do, however, hear the slightest breath, followed by a low growl.
“Anders?” I say softly as I’m knocked to the ground harshly.
Laying on my back, I look up and find myself underneath a large wolf, its white and black fur blowing in the wind as its black eyes look down at me, and he growls. “Anders,” I say and my voice cracks from fear. I’m sure he didn’t hear me.
The wolf takes a breath, sniffs me, and I swear, his black eyes turn the exact same shade of blue as my brand new husband's.


Tags: HEsubmissiveblue collartragedymagical worldlove at the first sight
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