The omegas mate

The omegas mate


Laurawolfgirl Fantasy

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Hazel is a twenty five year old woman who’s been brought up in her pack and is the only omega to exist and very childlike in her approach due to her omega side so nobody wants her for a mate, not giving her the chance to prove that she’s still very much a woman.
Her wolf though has other ideas and has already mated herself to none other then Mason brooke, an alpha wolf who will absolutely want nothing to do with her she’s sure.
Her love life wasn’t the only disaster though. There was now a vampire clan that had started killing werewolves, female werewolves, addicted to the taste of the moon goddess that runs through their veins, for only females held the essence of the moon goddess, the reason they were most fertile on the full moon. A war was about to begin and they needed to prepare.


Tags: darksexfriends to loversmatesweetheavylightheartedfirst lovefriendship
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Chapter 42: A gift

About a month had passed since we killed that monstrous thing, and I hadn’t heard anything else from the moon goddess. Or so I thought. I was eating dinner in the kitchen with Mason when something didn’t feel right.

I raced to the bathroom and started throwing up. Mason came in behind me and getting on his knees wit……


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