The Broken Wolf: Secrets Within

The Broken Wolf: Secrets Within


Sarah Skuld Romance

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As I crack the door I can see a very pregnant Molly sitting in the floor with them, handing them toys and smiling. Andrew is holding a toy rattle that he’s shaking around, a giant smile on his face as Cora tries to place a triangle shaped block into a hole on a box. I try to be as quiet as possible as I sneak in, closing the door softly behind me, but my favorite girl spots me.
“Dada!” Cora exclaims, tossing her toy aside and crawling over to me.
I reach down and lift her into my arms, walking over to sit in the floor next to my mate. I place Cora on one leg and reach over, lifting Andrew and placing him on my other leg. I wrap my arms around them and pull them tight to my chest, inhaling their scents. My grandmother is right, I’m going to screw it all up. I just hope they can forgive me for any mistakes.
A sequel to "The Broken Wolf".
Follow Molly and Seth in an action packed adventure through parenthood and their roles leading the Kingdom.


Tags: HEfatedpregnantconfidentkingdramapackanother world
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Chapter 43


Celeste and Lily stepped outside to give us some time alone and while I am thankful for it, it has made me terribly nervous.

“Something is wrong,” Molly says softly, looking at the door.

I don’t want to lie to her again, so I just nod slowly. “I know, but I don’t know what. Let’s……


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