Hunters moon 3 Aniwaya

Hunters moon 3 Aniwaya


Gert Hendrik Fantasy

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Hunters moon Aniwaya follows the story of the native American girl Blair Blackmoon.
She was adopted by an Apache clan as a baby after her clan got overrun, but what the new Apache clan didn't know of her is she was chosen to be part of a long line of warriors known as the Aniwaya, the wolf people.

Blair is sacrificed thinking she is a witch but is saved by the Greatwolf Maikah who resides in the Astral plains, and is taught by the wolf that she is a guardian of the living and is not yet fated to die, and Blair herself is then made into a great wolf.

Blair sets off with Maikah to protect the living from creatures that escapes from the Astral plains and soon realises she might not be up for it, as these creatures are beings that haunts nightmares, young and inexperienced she makes mistakes thinking what she's doing is for the greater good, but only finds out later she was wrong.

She makes friends, falls in love, learns of fear and threat, but tries her best to overcome her shortcomings.

In the end its a fine line between right and wrong, will Blair be able to overcome this massive task given to her by Maikah? Or will it lead to greater dangers heading in man kind's way?

This novel is the 3rd installment of the Hunters moon saga.


Tags: adventureothersdramawerewolvesfemale leadpirateotherssupernaturalasexual
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Blair felt her heart slam her chest, the body lied lifeless, the head, mouth open, fangs still dripping with blood, but no signs of life, Wolfe was gone.
The bear dropped the head and stepped over the carcass, Blair could feel the words through the lifeless red eyes, it didn't need to speak...
"You're next"
She felt her breath tremble, ……


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