My Rebirth as an alien Queen

My Rebirth as an alien Queen


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She had gone through it before, the confusion and trauma of having a previous life, she had survived it, lived through it and died by it but this time it was worse. Claire Charlie's woke up in the body of a royal powerful defender alien. She was the most powerful in the alien world but the only problem was she didn't want it. She wanted death, she didn't want it. Having powers was cool, having an alien body wasn't fun. Claire struggled to accept herself for who she now was but couldn't but with the help of her king and husband she started to adapt to it but when she realized the only person who she knew so well was responsible for her predicament she went rogue, learning Hero who had saved her planet earth in her previous life caused her rebirth made her furious. She fled, she fled back to her home hoping to find refuge as well as her love who had died with her but she was no longer who she wanted, no longer their kind, she wasn't that welcomed not even by her family, she had missed them and had so much to tell them but her presence wasn't needed but before she realized it wasn't worth it, she was captured and experimented on. Hero mated to her couldn't rest and seek her. He did find her but his own world was in grave danger. Most of the humans now knows of their existence and seek their destruction and not just that. Their old foe was back...the old prince would stop at nothing to ruin earth again. After rescuing Claire she has to decide, she needed to decide whose side she was going to fight on, her previous home or her new home? Or probably both? Would she escape the wrath of the ex-Alien prince? Would she be able to protect her mate as well as her earth family? Only time will tell?

The fate of both her worlds rest in her hands.


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Episode 3

I paced the room nervously as the Ghafil physician tended to Hero's wound. Why do I have to get so mad? Why do I have this maddening powers.

"He is going to be fine my queen you have no worries" The physician relayed in their language but I could understand perfectly.

"Tell him thank you Barb" I whispered to Bar……