Tryan Magical Palace

Tryan Magical Palace


Nikkybrien Fantasy

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Tryan was a powerful and magical being in the kingdom of Ethinora. He was so powerful and invisible that no one or any kingdom could conquer him. In his quest for more invisibility, he was lost in a new world without the knowledge of who he was and who he is! In the Journey to find himself in the new world, he got entangled with love, hate, loyalty, and the craving for Magic and redemption. Only the power of love, magic, and the voices in the silent whisper can bring redemption.


Tags: love-trianglereincarnation/transmigrationkingtragedymagical worldanother worldrebirth/rebornmultiple personalityintersexteacherRebirth Fiction Writing Contest
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Episode 41: Nightmare

"Doctor, are you sure there is nothing we can do, to get her heart working normally?" Chris asked as he sounds scared and worried.

"For now I can't say, but I'm very sure her condition is very critical," The doctor said, as he looks unhappy.

"All I can say now is, we should just hope that the condition changes positivel……