The rejected fate of Alpha Mackenzie

The rejected fate of Alpha Mackenzie


Lizzy Deborah Fantasy

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Mackenzie didn't know she was fated to be rejected, but when she finds out she has two mates, will the right choice be obvious?
Mackenzie Harper was enjoying her last semester of college when suddenly, one of her best friends goes missing.
When they discover that none of them can reach their homepacks, she finds herself working with her longtime school nemesis Antonio Lopez, to figure out what is going on.
When they stumble upon a trafficking cartel, they have to find a way to infiltrate it to get their friend and all of the other girls, home safe.
But nothing is a it seems.
On their journey, Mackenzie discovers she had two mates. Which one will she choose? And will that choice ultimately lead to a happy life?
After a few happy carefree months, Mackenzie, now pregnant, finds out the hard way that she may not be destined for happiness.
Forced to flee her new home she stumbles upon an old love.
Will Mackenzie choose the father of her baby when all is revealed? Or will she choose her own fate?


Tags: opposites attractshifter
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Two years later

“My twuck!”

“No, my twuck!”

“Anthony and Maya, stop fighting! There are plenty of toys!” Mackenzie admonished her two children as she sat on a picnic blanket under a large oak tree.

It was a beautiful summer day.

“I wish they would stay small.” Valery sighed as she contently ……


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