Cocoa Remix

Cocoa Remix


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Lonely office worker, Avery, is fed up with love. After watching all her friends find their match, get married, and live happily ever after while she languished in the doldrums of single life, she finally worked up the courage to ask her sales partner and co-worker, James, on a date for Valentine’s Day. She even took the time to prepare him handmade chocolates - a hobby she’d never shared with anyone before. Unfortunately, he turned her down flat - having already been asked out by someone else.

As Avery searches out specialty chocolate shops so that she could enjoy her annual Valentine’s Day tradition of drowning her woes in champagne and chocolate, she comes across an ad for a chocolate shop she’d never heard of - Cocoa Remix - run by the handsome and mysterious chocolatier, Pascal.

After consuming her delectable treats, Avery wakes up on the morning of Valentine’s Day one year earlier, getting the chance to try and win James’s affection. The problem is, she’s not sure she wants to! Fascinated by the magic she encountered at Cocoa Remix, she’s torn between pursuing the tasty and whimsical chocolate maker, or the serious but dedicated co-worker she’d had a crush on for years. Who will Avery choose?


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Chapter Twenty-Three: The Pitch

Tuesday morning was a rush of activity at the office as Avery and James got ready for their presentation. As Avery had predicted - or rather, remembered from her past life - the head office’s screw up had become hers and James’ problem. The design team accidentally live launched an unapproved test version of the ad campaign they were still worki……