#12 The Triplets of Emerald Forest

#12 The Triplets of Emerald Forest


Emily Goulden Fantasy

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More than two decades after Lukas Emerald first met his mate and future Luna, Clementine Reign, came the triplet Alphas: Godric, Griffin, and Gabriel Emerald. Although identical in appearances, their personalities couldn’t have been more different. Godirc was the warrior, Gabriel the leader, and Griffin the jokester. They almost never saw eye to eye and had to establish a “majority rules” initiative in order to get anything done as the Alphas of the Emerald Forest pack. Until they met her. Their human mate, Harlow Nyx, a product of the foster system, a struggling college student, and a dancer; a pole dancer, that is. Not much bothered Harlow anymore, not after being orphaned at age two and forced to become a pole dancer in order to make ends meet. She had her friends by her side and a heart full of determination, what more did she need? Being sedated and kidnapped by three strange men certainly wasn’t part of her plan, neither was being named the daughter of a mythical creature that even her new werewolf mates didn’t think existed.
Can the brothers get along long enough to comfort and win over their mate? Will Harlow be able to set aside her stubbornness and be able to accept that someone is willing to love her? And what kind of creature haunts the campfire stories of werewolves, vampires, and witches?
Book #12 of the Royal Legacy series (can be read as a stand alone).
I was thinking about siding with Gabe and Griff, and just ditching this joint when the music in the club began to change. I was interested in the dancer called Honey based on the reviews Kingsley was giving her. The room seemed to be buzzing with anticipation of her arrival and that had me curious as well.
My wolf, Quill, started howling and pacing in my head which immediately set me on edge.
“What’s going on?” I asked him, my head on a swivel.
“Mate! Mate! Mate! I can feel her, she’s here!” He howled.
“What? Here?” I had a dreadful thought and my stomach started to churn.
That’s when the scent of warm apple pie filled my senses. I jumped up, nearly flipping the table as I shoved it out of my way. Pushing past my brothers, I freed myself from the booth and started frantically searching.
“Do you sense her, too?” Gabe asked, his eyes black and his nose in the air, “She smells like hot chocolate.” Gabe sighed.
“It’s vanilla cupcakes for me. Mmmmm.” Griffin purred, his eyes going closed.
“Where is she?” I snarled, struggling to keep Quill under control.
“I don’t know.” Griff and Gabe replied in unison.
“Please welcome to the stage, your favorite and ours, Honey!” A deep voice introduced the dancer and everyone began to cheer.
It was like someone lit a match inside my chest and suddenly I was on fire. I ran towards the railing of the loft and looked down over the club. Coming out of the back, escorted by two of the bouncers, was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her long, thick blonde hair was falling down her bare back and shoulders in golden waves. From here I could see her pronounced hazel eyes which swirled between a caramel brown and a forest green. She was short but her curves were delicious.
She was wearing a sparkly blue bikini that left nothing to the imagination. Her plump ass cheeks were strangling the string of her thong and her bountiful breasts were not at all contained by the triangles of fabric that made up the bikini top. I couldn’t stop the dangerous growl that ripped through my chest and neither could my brothers.


Tags: alphareincarnation/transmigrationshifterdominantdramapackenemies to loverspolygamy
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