Bargain Wedding

Bargain Wedding


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Axel Aoki is forced to marry a gorgeous man, Jona Suzuki, in a bargain between families.

Young Axel decides to hate Jona with her life. But, as time passes, she witnesses the honesty, chastity, and virtue of her husband which puts her in a dilemma. Gradually, her heart and body desire the man whom she was determined to hate as love finally blazes.

Axel surrenders her soul and body to Jona, and when the husband finds his wife returning the love to him, he reverts with such intensity that it creeps down Axel's every sense immensely. Jona loves, adores, and worships Axel with every waking minute and every sleeping breath.

But one day, a sudden whirlpool of agony comes into their lives when Axel finds out the real reason behind the wedding and her trust shatters to bits. It crushes her entirety and she lies with her words that she now hates Jona Suzuki. But how can she deceive her own heart that is still hell-bent to love the one who broke her entirely?


"Axel, baby listen to me. Please," Jona pleaded, wanting to grab hold of her hand as desperation ran through his body and mind, clearly visible in his eyes. "You have to listen to me, baby."

"Is it true?" Axel asked, her hands trembling as she held onto a piece of paper. "IS IT TRUE, JONA?" She screamed, tears rolling down her cheeks and everything started to turn dark, threatening her that she wouldn't be able to cope for long.

"Yes," Jona mumbled slowly, looking at the floor. "But you have to trust me that I never wanted-"

"NEVER WANTED FOR ME TO FIND OUT HOW YOU USED ME?!" She threw the paper on Jona's face before turning around and running out of the house.


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