Universe Tales: Virtual Log of the Fallen One

Universe Tales: Virtual Log of the Fallen One


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Universe Tales. The new VRMMORPG that supported the Full Dive system with the game's settings boasting a 99% likeness to reality.

Enter Maria Heltania, a smart and bright high school girl who's unfortunately directionally and technologically challenged. Being told by her best friend to play the new VRMMO Universe Tales with her, she decides to be an Angel. Only to be met with misfortune right from the start because of her unique and eccentric habits. What more lucky or unlucky events could possibly fall upon this young girl as she explores the wide worlds of Unitale? Join her adventure and find out!

"Uhh...Little Miss, I don't think this is the Quest Location."

"No! This is definitely the place!"

"...but we're in the middle of a battlefield..."

"The map clearly said-- Oh wait...it's upside down...or maybe right-side up...?"



Tags: kickass heroineself-improvedstudentheir/heiressfemale leadhighschoolhigh-tech worldStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Ghost Queen Rudina 2

“Anyway, let’s check the loot first before heading to the last boss?”

Maria’s eyes glittered and she quickly replied, “Yes!”

Maria quickly brought up the list of items that she obtained after defeating Rudina and shared them with everyone in the party before she started to gleefully take them out of her shado……


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