False allies

False allies


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Lily Donovan and Cameron Lennox, who are only separated by a year in age, have a close and supportive friendship. A friendship between the two of them exists between their respective roles as single mothers. Both of their mothers work, so whenever they are together, the two of them are left home alone.

They ultimately started having s****l encounters and exploring their sexuality. They continued to argue that they were just friends, despite the fact that they couldn't stop thinking about each other, doing everything they could think of, and becoming experts on each other's bodies in the process of doing so. Then they head off to college, at which point their lives undergo a dramatic shift.


Tags: HEneighborsingle motherheir/heiresssweetbisexualmysterywittycampusmusclebearfriends with benefits
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Chapter 35

When questioned, "Why did you decide to end your relationship with him?" It looked like there was a scratch on the back of his neck. If I may intrude a little bit into your personal space:


After having this conversation with you, I realised that I had been with the wrong person the whole time. Being with him was something I had ……


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