Chronicles of the Wolf: Of Wolves & Spiders

Chronicles of the Wolf: Of Wolves & Spiders


Miguel Angel Ojera Science Fiction

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Behemet is a 7ft bi-pedal wolf who goes off on his own science fiction adventure. He ha been given an arrangement with the daughter of a local tribe by his father. At first Behemet wants nothing to do with her but then an unbelievable thing happens. His planet gets invaded by these creatures in silver suits. They are hell bent on finding something that this daughter has. A medallion that once belonged to a race of beings only known as the Star Builders.

Soon Behemet was entrusted with this heirloom. Behemet is soon after transported into a totally different world where he learns of an even more diabolical plot. One involving a mask that belonged to long thought legendary god named Damus.
A mask is being looked for one that is thought to have the power of the shadows. With his young friend Walter in tote Behemet sets off to find the legendary mask of Damus, before an evil prince named Xavier Yanez Zuniga can get to it.

Soon Behemet and Walker discover that Damus made it very hard to get to his mask but the forces of evil are looking for it at all ends. Can Behemet get through these trials of Damus stop the mask from falling into the wrong hands?


Tags: adventurespacearrogantmysterywerewolvessupernaturalrecklessasexualspiritual
Latest Updated
Chapter 47

Victor William Xenon Yaziel Zuniga, was the middle child of the Zuniga Family. He was the one who was married to Uriel, per Walker. But this man who stood in front of us now looked like he had been through the wringer. He must have gone through his own Labors, and he had made it to this point as well, but he did not look stable. Not even close t……


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