100 Days, My President

100 Days, My President


Mfon David Romance

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What happens when a doctor and her patient enter a contract marriage?Adrian is the enigmatic owner of NX Group, the largest conglomerate in the country. But there were many who sought to bring him down and the only way was by using his illness. Then he extended a contract marriage between himself and his psychologist in order to prevent others from knowing the real relationship he has with her.Amelia is a free spirited artist who wants nothing but to live in luxury. When she was mistaken as her twin sister and asked to become Adrian’s in-house psychologist and cure him within 100 days and also become his fake wife, backed with promises of wealth. She couldn’t refuse the offer. But then, it became hard to keep her secret when she started falling in love with the billionaire.


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Chapter 240

"Woah! Jeez! I can't get over this" Amelia exclaimed.

Ethan adjusted the tripod stand. "This is a new video. Is Chairman Donovan aware?"

"Lol, he pushed the case under the rug and moved his son closer to himself. When I tried to intervene, I was threatened, my name was written in a black book never to be employed by any……


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