Body swap : Our last Requiem

Body swap : Our last Requiem


Katherine Scarlett Romance

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Ever heard of two lovers who love each other so much that they cannot live without each other ? even death can't part them from each other .

This story is about the two people who love each other so dearly that even the grip reaper in hell acknowledges in defeat against their love and care for each other .

Two lovers who were parted from each other in the previous life will be reborn again in the past because they would be betrayed by someone dear to them but their love for each other will never change , so they will plot against them in order to take revenge aginst them .

Together they will become the invincible force which will defeat the enemy before them . But they would have to face many obstacles before meeting each other .

Will they find each other in the end ? or will their story will continue without meeting each other ?

The pain which they feel from the separation will they be relieved from this or this will turn out to be a tragedy ?

Let's go on this journey to find out what will happen when they time travel and their bodies are swapped with each other .

will they be able to accept it ? or will they still go on with their lives like this ? or will they be able to get back to their old bodies after they take their revenge ?

lets find out what happens to them after their body swap .

heyyaaa follow the story if you like (≧▽≦)


Tags: kickass heroineconfidentinspirationalheir/heiresscomedybxghumorousroyalrebirth/rebornRebirth Fiction Writing Contest
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