Exercise Book | Stary Writing Camp

Exercise Book | Stary Writing Camp


Titania Sattaur Fantasy

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This is my Exercise book for Stary Writing Camp. Join me on the journey to see how I write and plan my books. I hope you enjoy and learn something.

This Book Consist of:
1. Main And Sub Plots
2. Character (Backgrounds & Personailty)


Tags: body exchange/body swapshifterdramacomedybxghumorousmysteryfirst lovesupernaturalspecial abilityStary Writing Academy III
Latest Updated
Week 2 - Characters

Ivy (Female protagonist) - strong-headed, blunt, plus you stomp on someone’s foot if they irritate her, or scowl and ignore that person if they don’t compliment her. Ivy live with her mother alone from the age of 8 years old because her father left them. Though at the age of 18 eighteen, her mother died from lung cancer and she was sent to live ……


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