Arranged Marriage To The Rumored Ugly Beast: My Stunning Trouble

Arranged Marriage To The Rumored Ugly Beast: My Stunning Trouble


Cutie Pie Romance

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Lisa Davis was a brave and smart girl, blessed with stunning beauty. Tragedy struck her life when she lost her mother in a heart-wrenching accident at the age of 5. Lisa's father, John Davis, later got married to Lisa's stepmother, a kind-hearted woman who would take good care of Lisa. However, as time went on, things didn't unfold as expected. Claire, Lisa's stepmother, proved to be far from the loving, kind mother she hoped for. Instead, she treated Lisa very badly and her daughter affectionately. To make matters more complex, the Davis and Miller families were childhood friends, so they arranged a marriage between their children to further their friendship. Mara Davis, Lisa's stepsister, adamantly refused to marry Lugard Miller, considering the rumors that surrounded him. Whispers echoed through the city, painting Lugard Miller as an ugly beast. It was said that anyone foolish enough to incur his wrath would meet a swift and deadly end. These rumors further flourished, claiming that his face was disfigured so badly that he looked like a monster and he no longer felt the desire to touch a woman because of the catastrophic accident. He never showed his face to the public. Clare's daughter pleaded not to be wed to the "ugly beast," and her mother confronted her husband, saying "My daughter will never marry that ugly, useless man from the Miller family. You have another daughter; marry her off to the Miller family. They are a perfect match." If you're curious to know what happened between Lisa Davis and Lugard Miller, continue reading till you find out.


Tags: billionaireHEfatedarranged marriagepowerfulheir/heiresstragedybxgmysterybrilliantloserwarmusclebear
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After having some coffee at the coffee shop, Didi and Lisa left and decided to take a walk for a while.

“So, Lisa, are you determined to marry Miller Lugard?” Didi asked with a serious expression on her face as they walked.

"Hmm," Lisa breathed a sigh, "I have no other choice, Didi."

This is my father's cho……


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