Lost in Demon's Eyes

Lost in Demon's Eyes


SnowDream Romance

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Reading about fairytales as a kid made me want my happy ending as well. But who would have known that it would be with a Demon, who saved me only after I signed the contract for selling my soul to him?
I was born into quite a wealthy family as a younger twin to my brother Ansel. Unlike him, I was born weak and unable to use my legs. He was born strong, healthy, and athletic, just like our father. Even though they named me Zia, which should mean light, I didn't feel like there was anything special about me. Until I met the great duke of hell, Dantalion, to whom I sold my soul for saving me and my brother from the people, who kidnapped us from my birthday celebration with my friends. Not only is the demon sly and witty, he is way too handsome and alluring as well!


Tags: possessivesexshifterdominantbadboydramabxgdaemonwerewolvescoming of age
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59 - Horns


“Everything is ready, master.” Yalé bowed to me. I looked up from my papers. Finally, it was ready.

“Do you think it would be good to tell her?”

“No need to tell her.” I stopped more of his stupid thoughts from escaping his mouth.

“But it might fail. There’s no guarantee that her body can survive it-”<……


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