Body Swap With My Future Mate

Body Swap With My Future Mate


Karen Fantasy

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My name is Francine Standford. I am five years old. My mummy and daddy are Alpha and Luna to the Moonlight Pack. My mummy is also a lawyer too.
I am only half werewolf, my grandpa says I might not get a wolf and this makes me sad.

That was until today...
I was at school, playing in the playground. I was playing chase with my friends. I wasn't watching where I was going and bumped into a bigger kid, falling backwards hitting my head on the concrete.
Next thing I knew, I had awoken in a field hospital. Everything was in different shades of green. The people around me were fussing.
Apparently I was now a boy called Samuel Baxter, who was supposed to be their future Alpha?

I started crying because I didn't know where or who anyone was. But then I heard the most soothing voice in my head. He said his name was Alaric. He was Samuels Lycan. I like him. He is a good wolfy, but right now, all I want is my mummy.....


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Francine flinched as her grandfather clapped his hands, and she then went stiff when he began to speak. "Good evening everyone. As you can see, we have both packs present for this dinner. Usually our pack fits into the dinning hall, but as we have extra guests, I thought it fitting to host outside." Everyone had gone quie……


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