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Queen Kassradite Romance

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A story about four guys pinning after a childhood friend that has moved back home to Sunny Hill. Some things change, some things stay the same snd their love for her has only intensified. They’ll do anything for her to make sure that she belongs to them. Even if she doesn’t realize it.


Tags: murderdarkpolyamorysecond chancefriends to loversliessecretsharemschoolpolygamy
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Alone, by myself! Until Monday! This is weird. I thought as I shuffled around my house eating ice cream straight from the pint. And it's only 2, maybe I really should've had them stay with me. I puff out my lip and hide my ice cream pint. I don't have any homework, I don't have chores, I don't have sibling responsibilities, my Mom's not in town,……