Fortress 14

Fortress 14


Ernest Critic Science Fiction

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Aasir Arvad(who would be known as Kofi by his peers) is suffering from a special case of amnesia. He finds himself in a world strange yet familiar. While exploring, he encounters many forms of danger before rescuing a girl. He is then taken in by a group of people that he becomes familiar with. He gets caught up in their affairs and is called upon to help put down a group of plunderers.


Tags: zombiecomedyhumorouslightheartedseriousmysterystraightboldgeniusspecial abilityStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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The farm was some miles away from the encampment but they could make it there in good time.

Imo lovingly ran her hand through the mane of hair growing along the brown neck of the mutated horse. A pale white horn grew on its forehead.

"Philip's worried", she began," the farm's an important source of food and other resources. Losing it……


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