The Alphas and The Orphan

The Alphas and The Orphan


Elizabeth M Paranormal

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Book 1,2 and 3 in the Hidden Elementals series.
“The only reason you where brought here was to work, not laze about like a lump, they should have left you to die in the snow. You are just a filthy orphan no one wants”. Uncle punches me in the face, breaking my nose, blood sprays onto the wall. “Look at the mess you have made you b***h, clean it up”. I hear the husband and son snickering behind me.
My name is Star Anderson, my parents were killed in a rogue attack when I was ten years old,. My only living relatives where my aunt, uncle and their son Sebastian.
In the seven years I have lived here they have spent the inheritance my parents left me, mostly on drugs and alcohol. and I have been used as a slave and a punching bag.
Sebastian is worse than his parents, they used to hit him too, until he realised if he blamed me then I would get his beating, so that is my life.
I will be eighteen in two weeks, and I am planing on asking the Alpha if I can move into the pack house, anything to get away, even dealing with the Alphas triplet sons, they have never hurt me, but the constantly tease me, about my clothes, hair, height. But it’s better than a beating.
And I will be able to eat proper meals in the dining hall, I can’t remember what a full stomach feels like.
But the one wish I have for my birthday, is that I will find my destined mate, the one person who will love and care for me.

I hope you are enjoying The Alpha's and the Orphan, have you seen my other book?
"The Alpha and Luna's Unbroken Destiny"
My name is Briar Nixon, I am 15 years old and the only heir to the Blue Snow pack, our peoples origins are clouded in legend and mystery, some say we where created to keep balance in the supernatural world and that the gods bestowed us with great power. We live a blessed and enchanted life until one fateful night when I lost my whole world, our beloved pack is decimated and I am left an orphan. With the help of my dads best friend and his very sexy son Xavier, we reveal the secrets of who I really am and battle to fulfill a destiny that has been centuries in the making, can we survive the evil that is trying to envelope the supernatural factions, and can Xavier and I fulfill our destiny that the gods themselves set in motion.


Tags: alphaHEfatedpowerfulbraveconfidentblue collarbxgcampuspackanother worldseductive
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