Journey of the Dragon

Journey of the Dragon


Ramandha Fantasy

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On a continent ruled by two major Kingdoms, many conflicts and tragedies have occurred on the continent, including kidnapping, slavery, slaughter, as well as wars between the two kingdoms. With various strengths and special abilities possessed by great characters there, making this story so complex to follow. But dont worry, because in this story we will only focus on a blacksmith student named "Dragon", he goes on an adventure to look for a man who have killed his teacher, and throughout his journey, he will encounter many obstacles and things which can reveal the mystery of every event on the continent. Also regarding the big secret that was hidden by his teacher.


Tags: adventurebravekickingmale leadsword-and-sorcerymagical worldsupernaturalspecial abilitydragonsweak to strong
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  The night had begun to cover the sky throughout the Gold One Kingdom, a dark and quiet atmosphere was Used by Gill and Dragon to hiding in an unused building, even though the atmosphere there was quite dark and scary, but it seemed they both felt comfortable, because the building was a suitable place to rest and recover, after a day throu……