In The Clouds With Him

In The Clouds With Him


Gwynn Romance

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Jillian was just your ordinary girl with dreams of getting away from her terrible home life. She wanted to see the world and only had one option to do it, become a flight attendant. Her new romance with the CEO may come at a cost. Little did she know that this journey may be more than what she bargained for.

This is my first story and I hope you enjoy! All characters, storyline, events are from my imagination. Not intended to be copied. I will try to update daily!


Tags: billionaireforbiddenpossessiveopposites attractdramatragedysweetbxgfriendshiplove at the first sight
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Ch 27 Australian Adventure Pt 2

Jillian's P.O.V.

As I awoke on my Birthday, my wonderful fiance was in bed with me holding breakfast. " Happy Birthday my love!" he smiled as he gave me a simple kiss and handed me the beautiful tray with food on it. There was also a light blue box on it as well. " Open it" he said. I tenderly opened the box, and the most be……