The First Hand

The First Hand


ink titan Science Fiction

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The Cosmos, Universe, Space is vast. The number a sun shelter which you humans likely call solar system swims around with billion of its kind in the milky way. In each of these dust rotating around the milky way is a shelter. A shelter you all are ignorant of.
I am Taurus Optimus.
I have come to share with you the knowledge you do not have. Hundred of thousands of light-years away, I have come. But what you do not know is Artificial Space Jump which you call time travel requires your life force to kick off.
Your World has ended. Your world has been consumed. Forgive me, for I have only one wish on my death bed.
I have jumped back to your zenith of discovery, in the hope to meet a soul that would continue that which I failed to accomplish. That which my years has been deprived of.
The Next Hand
Read the story of a young man who finds himself in a fate to restore the balance of the Way. A path not set up for him but he has to play along to protect. He can not allow another world be taken by The Encounter. He can not allow the fate of his home planet be given out. Ever. Again.


Tags: no-couplesupernaturalspecial abilityalien contact
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Chapter 1

'I don't understand...five thousandth century, year of who's reign..?' he asked with an opened jaw.

The pot-bellied man made a disgusting facial expressions. He reached over his shoulder and pressed a button and said, 'Alliance Yellow, we have mental situation down in fort.'

He could not close his jaw due to differen……


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