Erotic Adventures of Doctor Edison

Erotic Adventures of Doctor Edison


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Instead of staying in the big city, Edison went back to the village as a gynecologist after graduation.
His village was economically backward and he was wanted by every woman as the only gynecologist.
But was he popular just because he was a gynecologist?

“What’s troubling you?”Edison put on a serious look and asked

Connie blushed. She answered in a sexy voice that almost killed Edison, “I feel know what I’m saying. I want you to have a look at it.”

“Where?” Edison leaned towards her.

She’s trying to keep her two thighs together while rubbing one with the other. “It’s there. Aren’t you a gynecologist? You have to do something.”

“Naughty girl. Even if I’m a doctor, I have to check your body before writing out a prescription.”


“Take off your dress and I’ll check your body carefully.” Edison pointed at her short dress.

Connie spread her legs wide; her stockings were in a perfect place, giving a clear view of her white inner thighs. Edison swallowed and put his hands on her soft and silky thighs. It feels so good. He wanted so badly to bite her thighs and do her right here. He pretended to check her body as he touched Connie’s thighs again and again. As his hands reached deeper and deeper towards her private part, Connie at the same time started wiggling on the chair like a snake. Her body was so soft and she started panting lightly.

“Edison, help me. I don’t know why. It’s itchy down there. Help me!” She spoke in such a sexy way.

And so Edison did......


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