Ability Wielders

Ability Wielders


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Superpowers. Are they a myth? Are they real? What if they existed in the world without you knowing? What if there was a hidden world that consisted of superhumans? What if humanity has lived this long and has advanced leaps and bounds without knowing the existence of such… Phenomena? Most of them simply dismissing it as conspiracies. Myths. Imaginary.

How about the different bodies of mythology all around the world? Were they really just simple myths? Were they really something that merely lived in our imaginations? Were they something that can be ignored? Or were they stories based on actual events that was lost in the tides of time? People thinking that they were too farfetched to be reality?

Reality and fiction. History and mythology. Physical and metaphysical. Normal and supernatural. What exists, and what did not? Are the stories really only stories? Or were they truths hidden from the public?


The year is 2057. Underneath the moonlight, a man slept and dreamt of something bizarrely vivid. When he finally woke up, he felt that he drowned in the dream, only to find that he acquired superpowers. The one thing that many people desired. The one thing that he so wished.

If you were to be put in his place, what would you do? Would you go on a killing spree? Would you use it to play the hero? Or would you rather hide it, using it exclusively and discreetly for your benefit? These are questions that all those who bear the title Ability Wielders must face.

Since then, the man’s life has changed, being plunged into the so-called world of wielders. A world where people with Abilities are omnipresent. A world where combat strength is the factor that determined your status. A world where death was treated lightly. Will he survive? Will he be able to live unbothered by the other people? Will he be able to protect those that are dear to him?


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