My Jolly Alpha - Burgov Series V

My Jolly Alpha - Burgov Series V


Joann Pole Romance

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They say that every werewolf feels full only after meeting the one. The promised other part of his whole. So why the f**k am I jacking off in the bathroom?

Life was great. When I was a free man. And then she came into my life and turned me from perfectly content, freshly appointed Alpha into a part of a duo that feels like a beautiful shell, empty inside. With the major difference that my sexcapades looked a lot more promising before.

But things aren't always easy. I saw it more than once, and heard even more about how screwed up tendrils of fate can be. So I do what every guy with even a little bit of honor would do, I suck it up and hope for better days to come. Kimmy and I are nothing alike, but so are my parents so there has to be a deeper sense in that, right?


And I found that out when another woman to whom I felt the pull walked into my living room with doe eyes that stole my breath away.

But the real question is, what the hell is going on?! And I may not have many accomplishments, but I sure as hell would find that out.

Join Orson in unraveling the secret behind his relationship. Is he destined to join fates with the woman being his Luna, or the one who came for an innocent visit, bringing tornado casserole for dinner.

The book is part of the Burgov series, but can be read as a standalone.


Tags: alphabxglightheartedpacklove at the first sightaffairWho Will Be Your Mates
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