The Reaver Chronicles: The Keepers (Book 5)

The Reaver Chronicles: The Keepers (Book 5)


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When Ambrosia returns home after being missing for 3 weeks, Rowen is the first one to materialize by her side. Unfortunately she's not alone. She's with two men. But these aren't just any men, these are the Archangel Azrael's good and bad sides. He split them apart eons ago. Together, they wreaked enough havoc to earn themselves a permanent spot inside of Pandora's Box.

Seeing her there with a blade to her throat was enough to cause Rowen to immediately hand over the amulet they wanted. The amulet that was the key to entering Pandora's Box. The amulet, that now in the wrong hands, would ensure that the Angels were able to open a permanent portal between realms… Thus allowing any creature trapped there to come and go freely.

Rowen knows that he just started the apocalypse, but he couldn’t lose Ambrosia… Not again. Now he can’t help but wonder if it was such a good move. Ambrosia isn’t the same as she was before she went into Pandora's Box. Being only Human, it's a complete miracle she survived the inter dimensional travel to begin with. She says she's still Human, but Humans don’t have bioluminescence floating around them when they move…

Rowen, of all people, wants to believe her. But he's been betrayed one too many times. Is Ambrosia telling the full truth about what happened to her while in Pandora's Box? Could the Angels have done something to her while there? Could Pandora's Box have changed her?

In the end the only thing that truly matters is that the brother's stop the Angels from opening Pandora's Box. But would Ambrosia help them, or side with the Angels? Where do her alliances truly lie?

Join us for a rollercoaster of confusion, love, fear, hate, and teamwork while the fate of the entire world hangs in the balance. Rating 18+ for language, violence, and graphic s****l content.


Tags: friends to loversvampire
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Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Ambrosia placed the six of us around the small altar style setup she had with the mushrooms and the lake water from her room, plus a few other tools. Once we were all exactly where she wanted us, she started speaking in that Archaic Fae language that no one but Azrael could understand. 

She kept chanting a se……


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