The Game of Quadruplet Mates

The Game of Quadruplet Mates


Twyllie Paranormal

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'She is a game and they will do anything in their power to make sure they're the only players.'
They called it the ‘Assembly’ but everyone else who wasn’t a powerful Alpha called it the horrific ‘Games’. It’s when unmated werewolves from all over the world come and gather to meet and choose their mates.
In the famous games, the fear of not being chosen is the biggest nightmare for any she-wolf, and for June, a nobody with nothing to give, she is ready to leave the games mateless and heartbroken.
To the surprise of everyone, most especially herself, she catches the attention of three very powerful men; Ajax the monstrous Alpha, his Beta Jeremy- the most breathtaking man alive, and their enemy, Konstantin, the richest man alive and is known to be a very generous lover. And even then, she finds herself promising herself to her reliable childhood best friend Pete.
With all four men willing to risk everything to whisk her away to a happily ever after, she can only have one in the end.
Who will she choose?


Tags: alphaHEbadboydramabxgcampuspackenemies to loverswildWho Will Be Her Mates - 2023 Writing Contest to Win $57,900
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Dear Miss X,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to this year’s Games. The week long celebration will be held on natural land in a faraway mansion. A car will personally pick you up the night before the event takes place and bring you to paradise. 

Note that there are a few rules once y……


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