No second chances: The beginning of the end

No second chances: The beginning of the end


Sbrc12 Science Fiction

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Greed is a powerful feeling that has changed the world over thousands of years. Science, religion, and magic have built a new era and there are some who want to end it all, for the sake of a dying world. It is only up to certain beings to awaken the world and cleanse the lurking evil within the desires of the current rulers, or to wipe out those who can't contribute any good to a new rising world.


Tags: adventuredarkmysterywittymagical worldhigh-tech worldsupernaturaldragonskingdom buildingwarStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Chapter 28: The horde.

Nat, Gree, and Phil began to work together on the cannons to get them ready and test them the same night as a group of workers including Marco and Pascal were installing the gate in the last of the spots. Nat worked and fast as she could while Phil and Gree were double-checking the wiring and structural integrity so it won’t fall apart when moun……


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