Marchetti's Mafia Bride

Marchetti's Mafia Bride


ddutchess Suspense/Thriller

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He pinned me against the wall, the minute we got into the apartment.
His lips grazed the under side of my jaw and kept going down until he reached the soft sensitive skin of my neck. I shivered and bit down on my lips to swallow a moan as I pressed my thighs together.
I absolutely hate how my body reacted to him, I hate how I have this humongous crush on him, I hate how deeply in love with him I am, and I hate that to him I am an inconsequential thing. He keeps me hidden away from the public, while he is pictured having fun with his numerous girlfriends.
"Hmmnnn So responsive..." he chuckled .
I instantly felt like someone had doused me with cold water, clearing the fog of arousal.
I tried to push him away, he didn't budge, but moved away from me, a second later.
"Why did you crash my graduation?" I screamed at him angrily.
The look he gave me, made my blood run cold.
"No man touches what is mine." he stated in a menacingly low voice.
"Grrrrrrrrrr !!!" I seethed not knowing how to calm my rage. I was so mad at him.
He just sighed seeming bored with my tantrum.
He had been an absentee husband for almost four months, but when I decide to live a little, my arrogant f**k boy husband shows up.
Seventeen year old,Ariana sacrifices her self to give her family the freedom they need and marries Billionaire mob boss Jayden, who needs a wife to meet the requirements of his grandmother's wishes
But nothing goes according to their plans and Ariana will learn that freedom by marriage is overated!!


Tags: billionairepossessivecontract marriageplayboykickass heroinemafia
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Chapter 191:

Epilogue two

Two days later.

Arianna's pov ...

My life is full to overflowing point and I couldn’t be any happier and grateful.

Imagining my life without Jayden and Kai is now almost impossible.

Jayden was always a package deal, and having such a wonderful extended family is beyond anything I co……


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