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Yoyojd Science Fiction

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Cassidy Faulker is no stranger to danger. Ever since the zombie apocalypse destroyed her home town, she spends most of her days getting chased and shot at after entering some idiot's territory she isn't supposed to. She doesn't, however, like surprises. She expects the gunfights. What she doesn't expect is to find is her boss begging for her help when she returns home to her apartment. She's a scavenger, not a bounty hunter, but he offers something she can't refuse. Paired with her best friend, she embarks on a journey that takes her through overrun zombie territories and allows her to meet a kind stranger that may just sweep her off her feet.

But this is Cassidy Faulker. She doesn't get swept off her feet.


Tags: adventurezombiedominantkickass heroinebxgkickingapocalypsesupernaturalspecial abilityWriting Academy
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Chapter 7

“Are you really not talking to me?” Zoey asks as I drive down the road. We had found a way around the town after we had released a large horde of zombies into the area. Luckily, the man hadn’t gotten to our truck yet. Kai is sitting between us and is giving her the silent treatment as well, something that is killing her.

“I already said I……


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