Alpha Convict - Burgov Series I

Alpha Convict - Burgov Series I


Joann Pole Romance

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When your moral code is as unyielding as Sasha's, you believe that every crime comes with a price. No matter if you are family, friend or even her own Alpha.
So what should a girl like her do, when she discovers that the man, who ought to be the role model, that protects his own, is in fact cold-blooded murderer, who didn't spare his new Mate, the Luna, that happens to be Sasha's best friend?
That's easy. She makes him pay.
But what will Sasha do, when she finds out that she was point-blank played and things are far from what they seem?
Ha! That's when all the fun begins, because as far as Sasha is concerned, framing is also a crime. Especially if the one on the death row is her own Mate.


Tags: fatedkickass heroinebxgmysterywerewolvespack
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57. Epilogue

Sasha - five years later

"Alright, so now that we have flour, water, egg and butter what should we add now?" - I asked my little happy helper, who was too busy with feeding Jinx and Bummer with stuffing, to focus on his task. - "Ahem!" - I cleared my throat and three sets of eyes, from which one exactly the same as mine, turned to ……


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