Run! The Lost Princess of the Black Wolves

Run! The Lost Princess of the Black Wolves


Alexandra Bjork Paranormal Urban

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In the second book of the Run-series, we follow Chloe, the fierce and independent daughter of the former Alpha of The Black Wolves. Chloe has recently found out her fated mate is a true villain, and she struggles to accept her new reality.
Throughout the story, we witness her heartache and joy, her pain and resilience as she fights for her right to choose her own destiny. Her journey is full of danger, betrayal, and unexpected twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
With each challenge, Chloe becomes stronger and more determined, proving herself to be a true warrior. Will she overcome the obstacles and claim her destiny? And will she be able to navigate between all her potential mates, eventually finding true love?


Tags: billionaireHEforcedshifterconfidentbxgseductivewildvillain
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